Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Warm (but not too hot) Welcome

Our May 7 Saturday ride was delightfully mild, but not too hot, in more ways than one. We hope new member Karen felt more welcome than the heat, as she cheerfully stood with us on on the side of the highway when another member had a flat. As is frequently the case, some of our first rides with new members are not too hot because of those little unexpected interruptions that pop up on bicycle club rides. Another of our recent new members on her first ride with us had the pleasure of a long wait with relative strangers (us) when we sent out a search party for someone who hadn't shown up. But perhaps these first-time adventures are a very good thing, because (1) they are excellent learning opportunities for new riders about "what to do if...", and (2) they are living proof that our club really does care about every member, and will come back for you, share tools, expertise, and whatever else we have that might help. That's how we roll.

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