Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Time to Hold

How can you hold onto time? Some people can't wait for this hot, sticky August to be over with, yet folded into this year's humidity soup have been some beautiful, bike-friendly mornings when you just want to enjoy a little riding, before the heat of the day, with some of your closest friends. Not long ago was such a morning, a good one for a short ride. We had not gone more than a mile or two when David, the picture of physical health, began to weave on his bike, and fell. It was so unexpected that two bikers in close proximity were hit by his bike before they could get out of the way, causing them to go down, also. Those two were okay, other than a little road rash and some bruises, but David never got up.

Care and first aid were given to him immediately by our members, as well as some providential angels who came by, as if called by God--two doctors, a marine, a woman offering towels. There was even a man with a trailer who offered to transport bikes. The ambulance came along with police, and David went to the hospital. But David did not live. We were devastated, knowing that there was no collision with anything, and he was wearing a helmet (required on all of our rides). We found out later that the family had a strong history of heart attacks at an early age.

David's wife was riding with us when he fell, and you can be sure we enfolded her with all the support and love we could (and will continue to do so). After the memorial service she said she was sure that God had meant for David to be with his friends when he died, and to be doing something he loved.

If we could hold time back, we would want to hold onto you, David. But since we had to let you go, you can be sure we will hold everyone down here in our Freewheelers club close together in friendship as long as we're rolling together. Could you start a bike club up there?

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