Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let Stacey Know

Hi, Freewheelers-- if you are reading this, then you have discovered the nice blog site Stacey has created for our club. We owe her a great deal of thanks! We also each need to let Stacey know if you like the blog's public accessibility, or if you'd rather it be more restricted. Personally, I think it is fine, since no one should ever post anything, even on a restricted site, that they don't want the public to see. There are too many clever people in the "public" who know how to get around most safeguards in any internet site...so let's keep this site reasonably appropriate!! Also, Stacey, Carol Sweeney and I need to know from everyone if we can have your blanket permission to post your picture from bike rides, your name, general info about you, etc. If there is anyone in our club who does not like any of the above on our blog, we can (1) make the blog less accessible or (2) just be careful to omit what you do not want, or (3) both. E-mail us, phone us, or just tell us on the next ride. I will be asking you if Stacey, Carol or I do not hear from you. Thanks!!! AND THANK YOU, STACEY AND CAROL, for posting our very first blogs and pictures. They are terrific! I say, let's keep telling and showing how much fun we have together. What a lucky group of bikers we are. ----Rachel

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  1. Rachel, great that you were able to post! So far I've gotten no feedback on whether to keep things public or go private. Also, when I sent Carol the invite to contribute (like I sent you), I sent an email and told her that I paste/posted her after-party email and I could delete if she preferred... To be clear, she didn't actually post it... Anyway, I didn't hear back from her, and was going to follow-up on it yesterday, but had too many other things going on. Should I go ahead and delete it asap if we don't hear back? Of two email addresses I have for her, I used the one with the numbers in it. Isn't that the one everyone is using? Let me know if this has caused a problem. I hope not! Was just trying to get the (blog) ball rolling...