Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Apr 10, 2011, at 4:04 PM, Carol S. wrote:

Hi everyone!

Dave and I were so glad that you could come to the April birthday party!  He was so worried about having enough food, but I knew that things would work out!

To Don: thank you for bringing Lisa and friends Laurie and Scott! Hope they all had a good time! And congrats to you one winning the gift card!!

To Sandy: thank you Miss Sandy for your helping out in the kitchen. More hands are always more fun to have when feeding those hungry cyclists (and those who work hard by just socializing!!  LOL)

To Jake: for demonstrating the fine art of eating animal crackers and Nutella! Whatta a way to go!!

To Larry: for his excellent grilling skills and his continuance of letting Dave know who is in charge of Pensacola NAS. It is the Navy and not the Air Force!

To Lloyd: for handling the wonderful clock with the chili peppers on it and not watching it go up in smoke from too hot chilis!

To Lois: who truly inspires me to hang in  there and bike until the bitter end of the day! And she has the energy to do all this in this humidity!

To Tina: for her wise and wonderful stories that I love to hear!

To Hugh: for cheating and wearing an Azalea Trail Run t-shirt and making us think that he is a hot-shot runner!  (grin!)

To Stacy and Roxannette: for bringing you lively spirits into the group, and for the wonderful salad that is loaded with complex carbohydrates!!

And to Rachel: without whose efforts I could not have pulled this off!  Rachel you are a true friend and thank you so very much for all your help, reminding and planning!!
Happy Birthday to Miss Lois, Mister Lloyd and to me, Miss Carol!!

Kind regards,

Carol and David S.

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  1. Carol and Dave,

    Thanks so much for having us in your lovely home. A great time was had by all!